Mentor Coaching

Toward Mastery - Mentor Coaching with Dr Ben Koh

Coaches change lives – they empower individuals to go after what they most desire and achieve a level of satisfaction they never thought possible.

The Mentor Coaching program has been developed specifically for Coaches who want to change lives. You will be well on your way to mastering the ICF Core Coaching Competencies following your Coach Masters Academy transformative coach training. Now, with practice and Dr Ben’s guidance, you will have expert help to guide you in mastering the coaching process and accelerating your learning.


Expect Breakthroughs in Your Coaching Competencies

Coach Masters Academy uses a uniquely designed mentoring process that enables you to reflect thoughtfully about what you are thinking about during the coaching so that you can gain deep insights into the dynamics that exist in your conversation with your client. Through this process, you will experience breakthroughs and positive changes such as

  • A clearer understanding of each ICF Core Competency
  • Increase confidence in your ability to co-create shifts for your client
  • Development and appreciation for your unique coaching style


Ben is a true master of his craft. He is authentic, extremely energetic and engaging. He was personally mentored by ICF pioneers like Janet Harvey, Amorah Ross, Jenny Bird, Molly Gordon and Duncan Coppock and since then, he had trained and supported more than 500 Coaches across the globe in their professional development from 2013 - 2015. 

Ben knows how to help you take your coaching to the next level. His gentle approach will leave you with insights that have you recognising and appreciating your own strengths, and together you will uncover your hidden potential for greater effectiveness and artistry.

You will take your renewed confidence back to your client sessions with even better results than before.



    As a Certified Mentor Coach, Ben will review your coaching conversations with real clients. His focus will be on assessing your skills in relation to the process and flow of the conversation. The objective of mentor coaching is for you to hone your coaching for awareness skills.

    Ben will analyse your client’s responses based on your questions and then look behind the conversation to help you discover your thought processes and enable you to fully demonstrate the competencies at the credential level qualification you are seeking. Through this process, you deepen your own learning of yourself which helps you to better observe your own inner processes in relation to how you help your clients – i.e. What is happening within you and what actually happened and why it matters. In a supportive and affirmative manner, you are then offered valuable suggestions on where your growth opportunities are

    The Mentor Coaching Package will include

    • Review of your recording
    • Prepare Process Review Report
    • Debrief to identify growth opportunities

    Competency Review: Based on the ICF Assessor System, this review will provide you with an in-depth review of the demonstration of the Core Competencies in your coaching session. You will receive valuable feedback with practical solutions on how best you can improve to meet the credential requirements you are applying for.

    Process Review: Your recordings are analysed segment by segment. You will receive valuable detailed feedback about how you can improve the coaching process to demonstrate mastery in coaching the client for awareness. Although labour-intensive, this process enables Ben to provide you with practical suggestions, including actual questions you can use, that will enable you to improve your coaching process.

    The Review Report will be provided from your transcript recordings along with Ben’s feedback. This report will give you suggestions about how you can improve the flow of the conversation to allow the client to go deeper and learn more. 


    Here are some samples of the report you can expect you receive from the mentor coaching:

    Sample Process Report - Mentor CoachingSample Process Report - Mentor Coaching


    Your mentoring sessions will focus on correcting, improving and enhancing your ability to demonstrate the core competencies to meet the specific level you are applying for. Depending on your competencies, you can opt for the following Package:

    Package 1 [ Standard Package ] @ US1200

    This package is designed for those who wish to apply for your ICF Credential at ACC

    3 Individual Debriefing based on Dynamic Review [ 90 mins per session ] 

    4 Group Learning [ join any of the existing Supervised Practical Coaching as a Student Mentor ]


    Package 2 [ Developmental Package ] @ US2000

    This extensive package is designed especially for those applying for ICF Credential at MCC ( via ASCTH PCC ). It is also particularly useful for those who wish to continue to hone their coaching skills to heighten their awareness and deepen their understanding of mastery skills. Dr Ben has supported 34 coaches to achieve the MCC Credential from 2019 to 2022.

    5 Individual Debriefing based on Dynamic Review [ 90 mins per session ] 




    Stephanie Marisca from London, PCC, Life Transitions Coach & Coach Trainer. Ben Koh is a skilful Mentor Coach. He supported my search for excellence and greatness in a collegial, masterful and fun way! He helped me to see for myself what I needed to continue to master, compliant with the ICF Core Competencies and how to appreciate what I was already doing well. Our interaction was relaxed, and I felt fully supported by Ben’s masterful approach to mentoring.


    Julia Lim from Malaysia, ACC, Performance Executive Coach. Ben is a skilful mentor coach who focuses on facilitating your learning and development to raise awareness. He coaches you to stretch and discover your potential to arrive at an outcome that is out of your expectation. His approach is empathetic, supportive and yet empowering, leaving one feeling energized, whole and ready to make positive changes that come our way! I would highly recommend Ben as a Mentor Coach.

    Betty Kuan - Mentor Coaching

    Betty Kuan from Singapore, Counsellor and Facilitator. Ben has helped me sharpen my coaching skills by observing my coaching with actual clients. He models attentive listening skills and asks questions during the feedback sessions to help clarify my thoughts to develop my coaching competencies. His feedback sessions were purposeful, and collaboratively, he helped me reflect on my performance to move me forward to the next level of learning and, through self-discovery, helped me expand and deepen my coaching skills. Ben is both encouraging and patient, providing guidance to help me generate my coaching strategies and help me gain confidence as a coach. 


    Jeremy Earl Abrahams from Malaysia, Consultant & Trainer. Ben Koh was my Mentor Coach during a recent ICF coaching certification program. He was excellent in the program in guiding, facilitating and mentoring my coaching abilities and skills. Through his expert guidance and mentoring, I have developed strongly in the key domains of life coaching, namely in developing a strong coaching partnership with clients, developing strong empowering questioning skills, increasing my ability in active listening and developing an ability to create a strong and empowering coaching presence with clients. He accomplishes his primary mission as a Mentor Coach to a very high degree, even to the extent of being an excellent Coach’s coach!


    Jason Tan from Malaysia, Consultant & Trainer. It has been an awesome journey to be mentored by Ben. What I learned from the classroom and the paradigm shift of applying coaching skills transformed my learning. Ben had inspired me by his mastery. His passion is incredibly powerful. He is natural and authentic in taking the coaching process, enabling me to experience the mystical flow into the “chi” coaching (coaching impact). I appreciate his time and patience during the mentoring process. He has much in him to impact, and I have the benefit much in learning the Science and Art of Coaching. He is simply the BEST Master Coach.


    Lynda Tikkave from Thailand, Managerial & Generic Training at True Corporation. With a high level of knowledge in many key areas of coaching, Ben has brought his thought and concept back to basic, which I very much appreciate. He makes us feel that “coaching” is simple and we don’t need to complicate things. As a mentor coach, he gave me direct and honest feedback that I could improve my coach in particular points. Every time I had a review session with him, I learned a great deal from his advice. The most important thing is I can feel his genuine intention that supports me throughout this process. Having the chance to work with him is very inspiring for me.


    Meredith from USA. I found Ben to be an excellent mentor during the practical coaching sessions. His expectations for his students are high, and his mentoring is rigorous, allowing maximum learning during each session. Ben helps to give structure to coaching sessions through his detailed analysis and specific feedback for improvement. I truly felt his genuine passion and focus on making us better coaches.

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Learn why as a Professional Coach, you should hold an ICF Credential by Diane Brenna, ICF President 2008

Mentor Coaching is an important requirement of the ICF Credentialing process and is vital to the development and growth of the individual seeking an ICF Credential. You can accelerate your coaching competencies and acquire ICF Credential with Ben Koh, Certified Master Coach. Mentor Coaching is available for ACC, PCC & MCC Level.