CMA Annual Retreat 2023
26 - 28 Jan 2023 at Bali, Movenpick Bali Hotel
This retreat leads us into the inner world of our leadership
and shows how we can reconnect with the deeper theme of our journey
as a gateway to contribute meaningfully to the world.
Reconnecting with our deeper intention is paramount for our leadership journey and a good guide in finding our most profound value.
We can begin this quest by examining our journey - dreams, encounters and turning points.
Discovering our unfoldment is like peeling off memory layers to unearth our true nature.
This can help us to redefine our contribution as a leader and to open ourselves to a more meaningful life.
Rather than being led by circumstances, the core of our leading 
calls us to lead from our heart and deeper intention.

Your story is how you explain how you experience the world to yourself.
Leveraging that story offers you more powerful and imaginative choices as a leader and human being.
It’s about transforming yourself to transform the world you are in.
This is an inner journey. An experiential journey.
Exploring your way forward together with our CMA faculty members.


Retreat Fee USD 700, including four nights accommodation, breakfast and lunch

arrives on 25 Jan and departs on 29 Jan 2023.

You can email us at if you need further assistance.