CMA Annual Retreat 2023
This retreat leads us into the inner world of our leadership
and shows how we can reconnect with the deeper theme of our journey
as a gateway to contribute meaningfully to the world.
Reconnecting with our core intention is vital as we embark on our leadership journey.
It serves as a compass, guiding us towards our deepest values.
To embark on this quest, let us reflect on our journey—our dreams, encounters, and turning points.
By peeling away the layers of our memories, we can unearth our true nature and discover our unfolding potential.
Through this process, we can redefine our purpose as leaders, opening ourselves to a more meaningful and fulfilling life.
Embracing our true selves allows us to significantly and authentically contribute to those we lead.
Your story is how you explain how you experience the world to yourself.
Leveraging that story offers you more powerful and imaginative choices as a leader and human being.
It’s about transforming yourself to transform the world you are in.
Rather than being led by circumstances, the core of our leading 
calls us to lead from our hearts and deeper intention
This is an inner journey. An experiential journey.
Exploring your way forward together with our CMA faculty members.

23 - 25 Oct I Cyprus, Agia Napa, Faros Hotel

Early Bird Fee: EUR 990 ends 4 Aug 2023, after that regular fee of EUR 1,290.

Including three nights accommodation [ 22 to 24 Oct ] + half-boarding [ breakfast and lunch ]

Arrives on 22 Oct and the retreat ends on 25 Oct 1 pm.

Contact Person: Magda Tepoi I Training Director for Romania I

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10 - 12 Nov 2023 I Sri Lanka

Early Bird Fee: USD 500 ends 25 Aug 2023, after that regular fee of USD 700.

Including two nights accommodation [ 10 and 11 Nov ] + half-boarding [ breakfast and lunch ]

Arrives on 10 Nov for the pre-retreat session at 2pm, and retreat ends on 12 Nov at 5pm.

Contact Person: Andrea Jayatileka I Training Director for Sri Lanka I

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16 - 24 Feb 2024 I Nepal I Treakking

Estimated Fee: USD 1,000 - USD 1,200 including accommodation in Kathmandu and trekking expenditure.

More details will be shared during the Information Session in Nov 2024.

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