Dual Certification Program Professional Career Development and Transition Coaching Program


Careers rarely unfold the way you intend, but developing a clear set of career goals and plans can still be extremely beneficial. planning you do, unexpected developments often lead to unforeseen changes. No matter how much extend beyond career advisory and guidance to increase learning agility and adaptability.

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A Transformational Approach to enable Career Success

This program's framework views career development and transition coaching through the conceptual prism of the adult learning theory of transformative learning. Through the process of expanded awareness and critical reflection, the coaching process helps people better understand how they actually think and why by examining their unconscious assumptions, beliefs, values and perspectives.

Guided by current career theories and trends, people’s career adaptability can be strengthened significantly using our proprietary transformative principles. The course also provides up-to-date career information, labour market intelligence, and psychometric tools that can be used to support anyone seeking career guidance.

This program is ideal for HR professionals, coaches, career counsellors, and consultants seeking evidence-based resources to help them remain adaptable and effective.

Greater Impact and Enhanced Skillset with our international recognized dual certification 

This is the first program of its kind that offers a dual certification – Certified Professional Coach Certification approved by the International Coaching Federation ( ICF ) and Certified Global Career Development Facilitator by the National Career Development Association ( NCDA ).

A Progressive, Flexible Roadmap to earning the dual certification

This course has been developed to meet the highest academic and professional standards so that you can display your credentials as a Certified Professional Career Development and Transition Coach with pride. Upon completing the program, you’ll be eligible to apply for the following credentials.

● Coach credential with the International Coaching Federation ( ICF )
● Certified Career Services Provider ( CCSP ) credential with the National Career Development Association ( NCDA )
● Global Career Development Facilitator ( GCDF ® ) credential with the Centre for Credentialing & Education ( CCE )

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What makes Coach Masters Academy the preferred choice ?

We know that developing mastery in coaching and acquiring the set of skills, attitudes and competencies necessary to become truly professional requires a demanding curriculum that moves a student beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts. What makes our program truly transformative is that we go beyond skills and knowledge into the mastery of coaching. It provides a quality layered learning process where our students go through a formative process where the coaching competencies are forged and refined.

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Global Learning Platform

Connect with coaches and leaders worldwide to develop your global coaching network for collaboration

Experience rich, diverse and cross-cultural learning that prepares and positions you as a global citizen

An opportunity to accumulate coaching experience and pay-back through our SAY Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization offering pro-bono coaching

Comprehensive Instructional Design

Accelerated learning with carefully designed Learning Lab, Practical Lab, Practicum, Peer to Peer Support and Coaching Supervision to develop your coaching competency.

Self-directed learning platform supported by our interactive Learning Management System (LMS) to manage progress, share and receive feedback.

Lifetime access to a library of invaluable learning resources, coaching tools and templates for business practice.

Continual Professional Development

Extensive post-training support through our monthly learning webinars and live coaching demonstrations

Become a part of an expanding international community of coaches and reach out to new students as a Student Mentor to support them in their learning journey.

Earn Continual Coach Education (CCE) units for your credential renewal through our strategic partnership with Asia Pacific Association of Coach (APAC).

Our Program Consultants who are ICF credentialed coaches are always available to speak with you.

Let us know how best we can support you to make an informed decision.

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