Advance and Mastery Coaching Certification Training for PCC and MCC


Your Pathway to Deep Transformation

For profound and radical changes to occur, which will, in turn, lead to sustainable transformation, one is required to have a deep level of awareness. The process honours what there already is while reaching deep within one’s consciousness to find what is emerging. This allows an individual to acquire a new perspective and see a different reality of how they experience the situation.

The most effective way to experience sustainable transformationexpressed as deep and lasting change, is from the inside out. For this to happen, coaches need to develop a strong connection and grounded presence with their clients, allowing them to draw from within. This is a sacred moment of awakening and growth where people gain access to their innate ability to live authentically. They can be engaged and empowered to stay true to their decision and commitment for change to have happened.


Designed for Advance Professional Development

Professional Coaches are lifelong learners consistently committing to honing their coaching skills. By doing so, they can continue to serve their clients and contribute to flourishing humanity. Regardless of where you are in your coaching development, “Your Pathway for Deep Transformation” will challenge you to go beyond merely “doing” coaching by using learned techniques to embrace coaching as an art and gain mastery and expand your competencies to create generative change.

This program is designed for advanced professional development. It will allow you to learn how the transformative moment unfolds and how to use it artfully to facilitate and guide a dynamic coaching process that invites, evokes and embraces change. This program also provides training for ICF core competency development for mature coaches to develop the artful mastery to evolve their skills from ACC to PCC or from PCC to MCC level of coaching.


How is the program designed and structured?

There are two distinct training levels specially designed for coaches at different levels of their professional development.


Program completion results in Advance Professional Coach Certification, suitable for those seeking to apply for the PCC Credential

This program has been approved for Level 2 Accreditation ( formerly ACTP ).


Next Intake: Sep 2024 I Virtual Class: 3pm Singapore OR 8pm Singapore

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Program completion results in Master Coach Certification, suitable for those seeking to apply for the MCC Credential


Next Intake: Apr 2025 I Virtual Class: 3pm Singapore I Limited to 15 Participants

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What Can You Expect to Take Away?

  1. Learn and apply self-assessment processes to allow awareness and artful demonstration of core competency to occur at the PCC to MCC level of coaching.
  2. Develop the advanced skills to establish a coaching agreement to achieve a full client-coach partnership in the coaching conversation.
  3. Explore and practice transformative coaching principles and techniques at an advanced level that will help support the sustained change that clients are searching for
  4. Synthesize skills, styles and strengths learned to fit in your unique artistry and coaching style, all while expanding your capacity for evocative directness and systemic orientation to enable generative change.
  5. Interact with coaches from across the globe, which will further allow you to enrich your learning opportunities and position yourself as a Professional Coach with a global perspective and mindset.